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Four places to explore on a trip from Vero Beach to Miami

Four places to explore on a trip from Vero Beach to Miami

A sophisticated city located along the East Coast of Florida along I-95, Vero Beach is famous for golf courts, water sports and fishing, and many other recreation activities. Soothing beaches, museums, nature tours and a range of hotels make Vero Beach a terrific vacation destination. Treasure Coast an important part of the region here. Vero Beach also offers a verity of shops where you can purchase souvenirs. Vero Beach museums, art galleries, and parks are some the most alluring places which attract many visitors all around the year. But in this writing, you will read about four places to explore on a trip from Vero Beach to Miami Florida.

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A trip from Vero Beach to Miami

McKee Botanical Garden:

McKee Botanical Garden of Vero Beach, Florida is a beautiful place to visit in the afternoon time. It is a nice and relaxing spot! It seems that you traveled to a tropical jungle without leaving Vero Beach area. You can enjoy a remarkable walk while you get to know a verity of types of plants. It’s a very lush garden with plenty of places to take nice pictures with your family. Lots of historical structures as well that are very interesting and beautiful. The plants and trees are labeled so you know what you are looking at.  Overall, it is very a nice place to take your family any day of the week.

Sailfish Splash Waterpark: 

Sailfish Splash Waterpark located in Port Saint Lucie, Florida is an amazing place for toddlers and younger kids. Sailfish Splash Waterpark has it all from lap pools to water playgrounds and even a lazy river You can spend a lot of your time along the lazy river. Most of that time the weather is perfect for going to a water park in Florida so that make this park an ideal spot for children. It is an excellent place for the family to have lots of fun on a hot summer day.

Lion Country Safari:

Lion Country Safari Park is said to be the to be the first ‘cageless zoo’ in the United States of America. Driving your personal car through wild animals gives a whole new perspective. It is well shaded with beautiful plants of all species which makes this place very unique. The giraffe feeding is always the most fun part other than the drive-through safari. Zebras, rhinos, lions, giraffes and many other animals roam here, freely. It is without any doubt, an ideal place to explore on a trip from Vero Beach to Miami, Florida.

Jungle Island:

Jungle Island of Miami, Florida is a newly relaunched eco-adventure park. Visiting this place could be one of the best experiences of your life. If you enjoy taking your kids for a learning day out then, this is a nice place to go. They have parrots and monkeys a giant tortoise. They have an area for the kids to get wet with slides. The bird show is always very entertaining. Indeed it is an excellent experience for families. This place has changed a lot so you can enjoy many new things here.

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