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Seven fun things to do in Port St. Lucie Florida

Seven fun things to do in Port St. Lucie Florida

Established in the heart of Florida’s Treasure Coast smaller than an hour north of Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie is a developing urban area that has not lost a sense of “the real Florida.” At Port St. Lucie, guests can hike environmental preserves, ride horses on nearby beaches, lush paddle rivers, take in a spring training baseball match – New York Mets – and play some rounds of championship golf. 
Gaming lovers also can attend one of the few remaining jai-alai frontons in Florida at the Fort Pierce Jai-Alai and Poker – the “fastest game on Earth.” And be sure to take the good of a broad range of shopping and dining possibilities in Port St. Lucie. Here you can read seven fun things to do in Port St. Lucie Florida.

Seven fun things to do in Port St. Lucie Florida

Best things to do in Port St. Lucie Florida

1. Have an adventure with River Lilly Cruises

A River Lilly Cruise can be a passionate moment or an entertaining activity for the entire family. For 21.60 USD each person, the one and a half hour journey leaves at 11 am and takes 34 pontoon boat passengers sailing down the St. Lucie Aquatic Preserve. The boat tour is a gift in itself, but if you’re fortunate you’ll also get to see a broad variety of Floridian nature, which can include alligators, otters, birds, and manatees.

2. Walk around Hillmoor Lake Park

Florida may recognize for its beaches, but Hillmoor Lake Park can’t be neglected if you’re touring Port St. Lucie. The park is most famous for its Woodstock Trail, which loops around the beautiful lake through a range of boardwalks. The park is gorgeous during sunset and can be a fabulous romantic spot if you’re on a date.

3. Hike along the Savannas Preserve State Park

While Port St. Lucie does have the typical Florida beaches to appreciate, it also gives a variety of Florida situation that some may not be simple. Savannas Preserve State Park is a sight of the freshwater marshes that once spread throughout Florida’s entire southeast coast. Currently, the park comprises 10 miles (16 km) of savannas and tracks for biking, hiking, and horseback riding along with spaces for picnicking, canoeing and kayaking and wildlife viewing.

4. Walk through Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens are a place where you can appear to view imported and active nature, both regional to Florida and away. The gardens add an abundance of species, including bamboo, rose, cacti and succulents, hibiscus, native trees and many more. The gardens also treat a variety of annual exhibitions on special holidays or informational classes for anyone to experience. The garden has a suggested endowment of 5 USD per person, and it is permitted Wednesday to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm and Sunday from 12 pm to 4 pm.

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable ride to and from Port St. Lucie, simply click on the image below as it could help you find the one:

Seven fun things to do in Port St. Lucie Florida

5. Observe nature and history at Spruce Bluff Preserve

Spruce Bluff Preserve is more than a safe area of quality – it’s also a whole section of history. Across two tracks and 97 acres (39 hectares), you can see quality as well as the site of an 1891 pioneer establishment and graveyard that lies along the shores of the St. Lucie River. You can also observe a historic Native American hill, and find plants that ancient Floridians used for medicinal purposes.

6. View the New York Mets at First Data Field

If you’re a sports fan, that’s only another reason to visit Port St. Lucie. It occurs to be the home of the New York Mets spring training, which happens at the First Data Field. The arena also allows space rentals for birthday parties and baseball camps for children. The box office hours are Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm, and Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm.

 7.Don’t ignore the dog at Walton Rocks Beach

Any tour won’t be complete if you can’t please your best friend! If your dog arrives to be with you, you can’t skip a visit to Walton Rocks Beach. It includes 24 acres of beach for all dogs to run around off the rope. The beach is also accessible for humans; too, so of course, you can get your tan on or go for a swim once Officer has had his fill. The area also has places for fishing and picnicking.

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