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Six Incredible things to do in Fort Pierce, Florida

Six Incredible things to do in Fort Pierce, Florida

Fort Pierce is a city in Florida. The oceanfront National Navy SEAL Museum showcases vehicles, weapons, and different aquatic artifacts. Approaching, Fort Pierce Inlet State Park has a large beach, where swimming and surfing are common.  Fort Pierce is a fabulous town based on the beautiful and famous Florida’s Treasure Coast. Enclosed by luxuriant nature, several beaches and dunes treating rich wildlife, a city is an outstanding place for tourists looking for insight into the area’s abundance. From museums to parks and its multiple outdoor activities, Fort Pierce has plenty to offer, and in this article, we’ll concentrate on six great things to do around Fort Pierce, for a mesmerizing adventure in this American heaven. Here are some incredible things to do in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Six Incredible things to do in Fort Pierce, Florida

Best things to do in Fort Pierce, Florida

1. Hutchinson Island

Adjacent Fort Pierce Inlet is Hutchinson Island, a gorgeous barrier island on the coast of Florida. In the face of the Atlantic Ocean, this magnificent piece of land is a long, tiny wall of sand that extends for miles of lovely beach, where any tourist will relish paradisiac holidays. From sunbathing on the beach to exploring the multiple points of interests of the area (fauna, flora, and several other attractions), this place might be one of the largest in Florida, from where you won’t need to leave.

 2. St. Lucie County Aquarium

 St. Lucie County Aquarium is a hypnotizing aquarium in Fort Pierce, representing the popular Smithsonian Marine Ecosystems Exhibit, a large model of a coral reef ecosystem which will entertain all curious and nature enthusiasts alike. Here, you’ll admire watching the animals in their natural area, and you’ll even be able to feed them! Besides this, various other labs and seminars will demonstrate how the structure works, and you’ll have had a new, interactive and instructive day!

 3. National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum

If you’ve never listened about the Navy’s Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT) and their Sea, Air, Land (SEAL) teams, then you have to move to the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, also identified as the Navy SEAL Museum, which will teach and inform you about these two groups. Here, you’ll dive into the world of special naval warfare and travel the famous history of these traditional maritime individual operations fighters.

You’ll learn about their tools, operations methods, and their history. Moreover, the museum encourages public education, and you’ll also discover rare and unique artifacts from the past, such as instruments and documents from the Normandy and Southern France WWII operations. If you desire to dive into one aspect of USA history, this museum in Florida is a necessity!

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Six Incredible things to do in Fort Pierce, Florida

4. Fort Pierce Inlet State Park

The 137-hectare  Fort Pierce Inlet State Park formed of beautiful beaches, dunes, and coastal heaven, among the Atlantic Ocean and the rivers of Tucker Cove and the Indian River Lagoon. Here, you’ll discover lots of ways to enjoy yourself in a group, with your family or as a two, throughout the beaches. With an amazingly beautiful half-mile (.8 km) beach and activities that include swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, picnicking, or just resting on the sand, it won’t be hard to discover something to do here.

5. Savannas Preserve State Park

Extending for also than 16 kilometers, from Fort Pierce to Jensen Beach, the Savannas Preserve State Park, also recognized as the freshwater swamps, is the most significant and most intact coastal savanna of the area. Here, the magnetic Environmental Education Center will give guests with superb information and facts about the value of this unique and threatened natural system. You’ll enjoy picnicking, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing, with over eight miles (12.9 km) of trails, which also present excellent possibilities for cycling, hiking, and horseback riding around the lovely area while gazing at the unique and diverse wildlife living here. It is a top spot to enjoy the nature and to cool down in a calm and tranquil area.

6. Avalon State Park

Avalon State Park is positioned 6 kilometers (4 miles) north of Fort Pierce and is an unbelievable beachfront, where several wild species such as threatened sea turtles live. Here, you’ll also experience the large but fragile dune ecosystem, where you’ll discover activities pleasing to swimmers,  fishers, hikers snorkelers, and sunbathers alike. It is an exceptional insight into the natural wonders of the area.

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